Drawer Upgrade Kit

Drawer Upgrade Kit
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 Mekanika's Drawer Upgrade Kit can be installed on any existing MasterLink and Brute model trays.  Easy to install with a few drops of CA+ grade super glue, the Drawer Upgrade kit is ready to use within a few minutes!

The 2 drawers dimensions are 6.5" wide by 8.75"long by 1" deep. This upgrade is fitted for small measuring tapes, dice, pens, cards, circular templates etc. Now a player need not be burdened by the growing need of various templates and measuring devices for game play.

PVC and contact with CA+ grade super creates a quick drying and incredibly strong bond. A customer applying drawers themselves assumes all risks and resposiblity for self application of the drawer kit.


**WARNING** Substrate is PVC and will warp if left in extreme heat temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time- So DON’T leave it in your car!

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